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Software Setting Problems

Does Ace One support 64-bit operation system and Mac?

Ace One only supports Windows 32/64 bits Microsoft Windows XP, and Windows 7.

When I plug in the Controller to my computer, the software does not response?

Please make sure you have downloaded the “driver” from our website, and install the driver so that Windows system can recognize the hardware.

What kind of gimbal does Ace One support?

Ace One can stabilize the gimbal on 2 axia –Pitch and Roll.

Does Ace One support flybarless system?

Yes, you can switch on/off in the assistant software.

What kind of tail servo or servo speed is required?

Ace One configuration software supports servo frequency speed from 125 to 560Hz. Please make sure to obtain servo frequency response from the manufacturer.

Is there any way I can read the flight log?

Only DJI engineers can read the flight log. You can send the log to DJI for analyses if necessary.

The servo has no respond?

Please check the power supply and the three position switch. If it is on failsafe mode, it won't respond.

I got green flashes on GPS on powering up, what’s the problem?

Could be IMU loosened. Please check your connection.

Can I fly Ace One indoor without GPS signal?

Yes, Ace One can be flown without GPS in Atti mode. However, position hold will be affected while altitude hold is maintained using on-board barometer sensor.

I can’t seem to be able to setup my helicopter?

Please read the manual carefully and your local DJI dealers should be able to guide you through. Or, write to DJI headquarter, likely we can offer assistance via phone contact.

Hardware Mounting Problems

What are the requirements of MC mounting?

Where? There is no orientation requirement for the Main Controller. Maintain at least a 20-centimeter-distance between the Main Controller and the engine or motor. Choose a mounting location where as shorter servo extension wires are needed as possible. This helps reduce the risks of electronic interference. Please also make sure the USB port is accessible when installing the Main Controller so as to facilitate software configuration. After choosing a location to mount the Main Controller, it is recommended that you DO NOT mount the Main Controller until all wirings and software configurations are completed.

What are the requirements of IMU mounting?

Where? The IMU is best positioned near the helicopter’s center of gravity, where vibration is relatively low.

What orientation? Orient the IMU such that the arrow marked on the above surface of the IMU faces the sky and points directly forward, backward, left or right. The sides of the IMU should be precisely parallel to the helicopter body. DO NOT MOUNT THE IMU UPSIDE-DOWN.

How? Use double-sided foam tape for secured installation. Check the double-sided foam tape or Velcro regularly to ensure that the IMU is securely positioned. DO NOT cover the ventilation holes, keep them unobstructed. The IMU module is NOT water-proof or oil-proof.

What are the requirements of GPS module mounting?

Where? Mount it on the tail boom, between the rotor-head and the tail-rotor. The compass is sensitive to magnetic interference, so position the module at least 20 cm from servos and 30 cm from electric motors or gasoline (petrol) engines. The GPS is sensitive to vibration interference, so position the module at least 10 cm from the tail rotor. The GPS should not be close to the main rotor head because rotor blades can interfere with GPS satellite signal, the farther from the center of the rotor disk, the better.For scale helicopters we find either behind or in front of main shaft GPS positions can be applied.

What Orientation? The DJI logo marked on the GPS should face the sky, with the orientation arrow pointing directly forward. The GPS/Compass is packaged with a special indication line for mounting for the first time. The LED indicator towards the tail rotor.

Flight Testing Problems

Do I have to bring my laptop for tuning every time I fly the helicopter with Ace One installed?

Once setup, you don’t need your computer or laptop. In normal setup, it might require a handful of parameter changes.

What kind of power source does Ace One require?

WooKong controller does not require high power consumption. When flying Flybarless, power requirement from digital servos can be higher than Flybarred setup. We recommend using external BEC with minimum 7.5A power. Use of external power pack such as 2S Lipo is recommended for gasser and longer flight time.

Can I use 6-channel radio and receiver?

No, a minimum 7-Channel radio and receiver are required to operate Ace One and the seventh channel needs to support failsafe.

Can I use radio sub-trim?

Yes, during test flight you can use radio sub-trim or trim to adjust for leveling flight. We do recommend you to use software trim afterward and re-set all radio trims to zero value.

Do I need to calibrate the compass every flight?

No, once calibrated, re-calibration is only needed when the flying field is far from the location of last calibration (over 20 miles).

Can I fly my helicopter in the rain with Ace One mounted?

No, we do not recommend flying the helicopter in rain, as water might get into GPS compass and controller causing electrical shortage.

In manual mode everything is fine, when I switch to auto mode the helicopter came down fast and crash even I push the collective stick up?

Make sure in auto mode “System Check” the swash movements (up/down) correspond to the correct direction in providing positive and negative pitch.

I can’t get stop tail wagging after reducing gain and my tail servo runs hot in a short time?

Make sure you have servo frequency response from the manufacturer. Uaually, the frequency response is not released. Using lower frequency will reduce tail wag and servo temperature.

How to find the center of gravity?

Please lift up the tail, pulling the hammer line, and the center of gravity is the intersection.

How to lock the plane tail?

Please choose the high speed servo and choose the correct frequency, and adjust the tail gyro sensitivity.

How to measure the XYZ of IMU and GPS?

Follow the illustration in software and find the XYZ of your heli, then measure the distance form center of IMU/GPS to C.G. The area with red arrow should be positive, while green line is negtive.

The tail spinning around when I throttle up.

Please double check the tail feedback in headlock mode.

TX Setting

How to set the three position switch?

Adjust your transmitter for channel U on main controller, and then use TRIM tuning the second position on Atti. Mode. Use end-point (Futaba)or Travel ADJ. (JR. Spectrum) tuning the first and third position on your transmitter, until Assistant Software indicates that it is in Manual and GPS Atti. mode. Notice: To move the slider is to adjust sub-trim or end-points of the channel selected.

The swashplate skewed, and unable to corresponding the joystick instructions

First please make sure the R/C swashplate mode is on H-1 or 1 Servo 90 °, and then choose a corresponding swashplate mode to your transmitter type in your assistant software. Then according to the swashplate instruction connect the servo to the main controller, turn the joystick and reverse the servo in the assistant software until the swashplte follow the joystick instruction.

Can I use radio sub-trim?

Generally don't recommend sub-trim. We do recommend you to use software trim afterward and re-set all radio trims to zero value.

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