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Ace One Assistant Software, page-ENGINE

Ace one-engine governor.png

Ace One Engine Governor Setting Procedures

STEP1: Before using Governor Control mode, fine tune your Gas/Nitro engine to good condition. Otherwise the performance would be negatively impacted.

STEP2: Select the operation mode:

  • Select [TX Control] for electric motor
  • For Gas/Nitro engine, select [TX Control]first, and finish next step: set throttle servo working range. Then select [Governor Control].

STEP3: Set throttle servo travel range, move the throttle stick to

Ace one-engine governor1.png

Notice: you must not turn on the throttle-cut.

STEP4: After three of the throttle positions being set, click [TEST] button above to review your throttle working range settings. Throttle servo will be forced to stay on each respective position for about 2 seconds. Repeat the [SET] procedure if any incorrects.

Notice: If a mistake is made, e.g, STOP position being set between MAX and IDEL, you will be notified by red X(Wrong), and Engine governor will be forced to work in [Tx Control] mode automatically.

STEP5: A third party engine speed sensor is required for the engine speed governor to function. We suggest using Futaba magnetic engine speed sensor. You have to adjust the sensor/magnet mounting, and leave a proper space between the sensor head and magnet. You can check this with the percentage bar at page “ENGINE”, over 60% means the magnet is directly facing the sensor, and less than 2% means that the sensor is far from directly pointing at the magnet.

Notice: Only ONE magnet can be mounted on cooling fans of the engine.

STEP6: Please refer to user manual of your helicopter and engine, find the following parameters:

  • Main rotor speed,in range:800~2500 RPM;
  • main gear ratio, in range: 1.0 to 20.0;
  • Engine RPM,in range: 6000 to 25000 RPM. ( Will be calculated automatically )

STEP7: Gov Gain setting, range: 50% to 300%; Suggestion:100% for Nitro engine; 150% for gasoline engine; The higher the gain, the higher the frequency of engine rpm fluctuation.

Ace One Engine Governor Starts and Stops


  • Governor STARTS to work inall of thefollowing conditions:
  1. throttle stick position is higher than 20% from cut-throttle;
  2. When engine speed has been raised above 70% of set RPM;
  3. When engine speed sensor works correctly.


  • Governor STOPS working ineither one of the following conditions:
  1. Throttle stick position lower than 10% from cut-throttle;
  2. Engine speed < 3000 RPM or sensor not working.

Ace one-engine governor2.png

Tips: GPS Cruise, GPS Atti. and Atti. Modes takeover the throttle, pitch & cyclic positions at the point of switching from Manual mode. It is essentially how Ace One knows to maintain throttle relative to rotor RPM, not withstanding Go-Home function hence throttle hold other than Manual Mode will not cut the engine or motor. Unless, it is switched back to Manual Mode.

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