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iOSD Controller×1

Connect the iOSD controller to your DJI autopilot system via CAN-Bus. It communicates with the main controller, receives data from the main controller, superimposes the data with the video image, and then transmits the whole information via a transmitter.

IOSD-Components1.png IOSD15e.JPG

CAN-Bus Cable×2

Connect the iOSD to your autopilot system through a CAN-Bus cable.

IOSD-Components3.png IOSD-Components4.png

Video Input Cable×1

Connect the iOSD with video input source (i.e. camera or DJI Z15) for video input and power supply, with maximum current of 1A.You can use the cable for the connection in accordance with the wiring diagram.

IOSD-Components5.png IOSD-Components6.png

Video Output Cable×2

Only when you use the wireless video transmitter module specified by DJI, you can use the bi-port cable to connect the iOSD with the video transmitter module. Otherwise, you can use the one-port cable for your own connection in accordance with the wiring diagram.

IOSD-Components7.png IOSD-Components8.png

2-PIN to 3-PIN Cable×1

Connect the iOSD with the R/C receiver through this cable. When there are two video signal inputs, it is used for the selection of video signal sources.It can be used for the selection of AVL58 video channel.

IOSD-Components9.png IOSD-Components10.png

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