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DJI iOSD mini is specially designed for DJI autopilot system during the FPV flight or other aero-modeling activities. It can superimpose video and OSD information in real time, to bring users more involved flight experience. Specified autopilot systems for the iOSD mini:

Autopilot System Required Accessories Firmware Version
NAZA-M series NAZA PMU V2 3.14 or above
WooKong-M series --- 5.16 or above


Voltage 6V Working Current (Typical Value) 180mA@6V
Temperature -20℃~60℃ Dimension 33.2mm x 28.2mm x 10.55mm
Weight 14g Video Input/ Output Mode PAL/NTSC (automatically recognize)

Assembly & Connection

  • Prepare the iOSD mini、DJI autopilot system、video input source(e.g. camera)、wireless video transmitter module(including transmitter and receiver), monitor, and then assemble all these to aircraft.
  • Connect the iOSD mini according to the following diagram. Connect your wireless video receiver module and monitor correctly.


OSD Display Description



Install Driver and Assistant Software

  • Please download the driver installer and assistant software from the iOSD mini page of DJI website(
  • Connect the iOSD mini and the PC via a Micro-USB cable, and power on the iOSD mini system.
  • Run the driver installer, and follow the tips to finish installation.
  • Run the assistant software installer, and follow the tips to finish installation.

Assistant Software Usage


Trouble Shooting

NO. What Why How to
1 Only OSD information, video signal loss. Video input error. Ensure the connection between iOSD mini and video input port is OK.
2 Only video signal, OSD information loss. Connection between iOSD mini and autopilot system error. Ensure the connection between iOSD and DJI autopilot system is OK.
3 Both video signal and OSD information loss. Signal transmission error. Ensure the communication between the video transmitter and receiver is working correctly.
4 Both video signal and OSD information loss. The video signal cable to monitor is unconnected or short circuit. Ensure the connection of video signal cable is OK.


  • Thank you for purchasing product(s) from DJI Innovations. Please read the instructions carefully before installing the hardware and software for this product, this will ensure trouble free operation of your product. DJI Innovations accepts no liability for damage(s) or injured incurred directly or indirectly from the use of this product.
  • DJI is a registered trademark of DJI Innovations. Names of products, brands, etc., appearing in this manual are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owner companies. This product and manual are copyrighted by DJI Innovations with all rights reserved. No part of this product or manual shall be reproduced in any form without the prior written consent or authorization of DJI Innovations. No patent liability is assumed with respect to the use of the product or information contained herein.
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