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The Camera page contains a live HD video feed from the Inspire 1’s camera. You can also configure various camera parameters from the Camera page.


[1] Flight Mode

Camera2.png: The text next to this icon indicates the current flight mode. Tap to enter MC (Main Controller) settings. Modify flight limits, perform compass calibration, and set the gain values on this screen.

[2] GPS Signal Strength

Camera3.png: This icon shows the current strength of GPS signals. Green bars indicates adequate GPS strength.

[3] IOC Settings

Camera4.png: This icon shows which IOC setting that the aircraft has entered when in F Mode. Tap to enter IOC setting menu and select Course Lock, Home Lock or Point of Interest Lock.

[4] System Status

Camera5.png: This icon shows current aircraft system status, such as GPS signal health.

[5] Battery Level Indicator

Camera6.png: The battery level indicator dynamically displays the battery level. The color zones on the battery level indicator represent different battery levels.

[6] Remote Controller Signal

Camera7.png: This icon shows the strength of remote controller signal.

[7] HD Video Link Signal Strength

Camera8.png: This icon shows the HD video downlink signal strength between the aircraft and the remote controller.

[8] Battery Level

Camera9.png: This icon shows the current Intelligent Flight Battery level. Tap to enter battery information menu, set the various battery warning thresholds and view the battery warning history in this page.

[9] General Settings

Camera10.png: Tap this icon to enter General Settings page. Select parameter units, reset the camera, enable the quick view feature, adjust the gimbal roll value and toggle flight route display on this page.

[10] Camera Operation Bar

Exposure Lock

Camera11.png: Tap to enable or disable the camera exposure lock.


Camera12.png: Tap to adjust camera settings, such as video format and digtial filters.


Camera13.png: Tap this button to take a single photo.


Camera14.png: Tap once to start recording video, then tap again to stop recording. You can also press the Video Recording Button on the remote controller, which has the same function.


Camera15.png: Tap to enter playback page. You can preview photos and videos as soon as they are captured.

Camera Settings and Shooting Mode

Camera16.png: Tap to enter the Camera Settings page and switch from camera shooting mode from manual to auto.

[11] Map

Display the flight path of the current mission. Tap to switch from the Camera GUI to the Map GUI.


[12] Vision Positioning

Camera18.png: This icon shows the distance between the surface and the Vision Positioning System's sensors.

[13] Flight Telemetry


Vision Positioning Status

Icon is highlighted when Vision Positioning is in operation.

Flight attitude is indicated by the flight attitude icon.

(1) The red arrow shows which direction the aircraft is facing.

(2) Light blue and dark blue areas indicate pitch.

(3) Pitching of the boundary between light blue and dark blue area shows roll angle.

[14] Home Point Settings

Camera20.png: Tap this button to reset the current home point. You may choose to set the aircraft take-off location, the remote controller’s current position, or the aircraft’s current position as the Home Point.

[15] Return to Home (RTH)

Camera21.png: Initiate RTH home procedure. Tap to have the aircraft return to the latest home point.

[16] Gimbal Operation Mode

Refer to Gimbal Operation Mode

[17] Auto Takeoff/Landing

Camera22.png: Tap to initiate auto takeoff or landing.

[18] Back

Camera23.png: Tap to return to the main GUI.

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