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Camera Profile

The on-board camera supports 4K video capture up to 4096x2160p24 and 12M pixel photos capture by using the 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor. You may export the video in either MOV or MP4 format for editing. Available picture shooting modes include burst, continuous, and timer mode. A live preview of what the camera is seeing before you shoot videos and pictures is supported through the DJI Pilot App.

Camera Micro-SD Card Slot

To store your photos and videos, plug in the micro-SD card into the slot shown below before powering on the Inspire 1. The Inspire 1 comes with a 16GB micro-SD card and supports up to a 64GB micro-SD card. A UHS-1 type micro-SD card is recommended, because the fast read and write capability of these cards enables you to store high-resolution video data.

Camera profile1.png


Do not remove micro-SD card from the Inspire 1 when it is powered on.

Camera Data Port

Power on the Inspire 1 and then connect a USB cable to the Camera Data Port to download photos or videos from the camera to your computer.

Camera profile2.png

Note: Power on the aircraft before attempting to download the files.

Camera Operation

Use the Shutter and Record button on the remote controller to shoot the images or the videos through the DJI Pilot app. For more information about how to use these buttons, refer to [Controlling Camera].

ND Filter

Attach an ND filter to the front of the camera to reduce over-exposure and “jello” effect.

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