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he Inspire 1 Pro comes with the Front LED, Rear LED and Aircraft Status Indicator. The positions of these LEDs are shown in the figure below:

Inspire 1 Pro-Flight Status Indicator-1.png

The Front and Rear LED show the orientation of the aircraft. The Front LED displays solid red and the Rear LED displays solid green. Aircraft Status Indicator shows the system status of the flight controller. Refer to the table below for more information about the Aircraft Status Indicator:

Aircraft Status Indicator Description


Red, Green and Yellow Flash Alternatively Power on and self-check
Green and Yellow Flash Alternatively Aircraft warming up
Green Flashes Slowly Safe to Fly (P mode with GPS and Vision Positioning)
Green Flashes Twice Safe to Fly (P mode with Vision Positioning but without GPS)
Yellow Flashes Slowly Safe to Fly (A mode but No GPS and Vision Positioning)


Fast Yellow Flashing emote Controller Signal Lost
Slow Red Flashing Low Battery Warning
Fast Red Flashing Critical Low Battery Warning
Red Flashing Alternatively IMU Error
Solid Red Critical Error
Red and Yellow Flash Alternatively Compass Calibration Required
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