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Launch the DJI GO App

1. Scan the QR code or visit to download the app. DJI GO supports iOS 8.0 (or later) or Android 4.1.2 (or later).

2. Connect your mobile device to the remote controller via a USB cable.

3. Go to the Camera View, and tap Remote Signal.png to enter the remote controller settings window. Tap “Remote Controller Settings” to set the stick mode and link the remote controller.


Stick Mode

Tap “Stick Mode” to enter the stick configuration. It can be set to Mode 1, Mode 2, or to a custom mode.


Linking the Remote Controller

The remote controller is linked to your aircraft by default. Linking is only required when a new remote controller is used for the first time. Follow these steps to link a new remote controller:

1. Power on the aircraft. Tap “Linking Remote Controller” in the DJI GO app.

2. The remote controller Status LED will blink blue and beep to indicate that the remote controller is ready to be linked.


3. The remote controller will search for aircraft nearby. The remote controller Status LED will glow solid green if linking is successful

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