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1] Flight Battery Level LEDs

Displays the current flight battery level. See the table below for details. (The bottom is LED1 and the top is LED5.)


[2] Point A LED

The LED is on when Point A is recorded.

[3] Point B LED

The LED is on when Point B is recorded.

[4] Orientation LEDs

In Smart Operation Mode, the LEDs indicate the current flying orientation.

[5] Spray Rate LEDs

Displays the current spray rate. More glowing LEDs indicate a larger spray rate. Spray rate may vary according to nozzle model and viscosity of liquid. For water, when using four XR11001 nozzles, the minimum rate is 1.2 L/min (the LED at the bottom is blinking) and the maximum rate is 1.7 L/min (all the four LEDs are on).

[6] Height LEDs

Displays the spraying distance between the aircraft and the crops (or the surface under the aircraft). See the table below for details. (The bottom is LED1 and the top is LED4.)


[7] Flying Speed LEDs

In Smart Operation Mode, the LEDs display the current speed gear. You can set four speed gears in the A2-AG Assistant. Select the speed gear via the Flying Speed Dial on the remote controller. The number (1 to 4) of the LED(s) that is/are on indicates the current speed gear (i.e. the first to the fourth gear).

[8] Return LED

In Smart Operation Mode, if the operation resumption function is initiated, the Return LED will be on when the aircraft flies back to the recorded stopping point.

[9] Continuous Smart Operation LED

The LED indicates that the aircraft is in Continuous Smart Operation Mode. In Smart Operation Mode, when the aircraft is hovering at the turning point, press and hold Buttons C1 and C2 together for 2 to 4 seconds until there is a beep emitted from the remote controller, and the aircraft will enter Continuous Smart Operation Status. Refer to Smart Operation Mode (p. 26) for more details.

[10] Spray LED

The LED is on when the aircraft is spraying liquid.

[11] Liquid Level LED

The LED is solid green when there is liquid in the liquid tank. The LED blinks red when there is no liquid in the liquid tank.

[12] Brightness Setting Button

Press to adjust the LED brightness of the panel. Adjusting to the left reduces the brightness and adjusting to the right increases the brightness.

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