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Turning the Remote Controller On and Off

The remote controller is powered by a 2S rechargeable battery that has a capacity of 6000 mAh. The battery level is indicated via the Battery Level LEDs on the front panel. Follow the steps below to turn on your remote controller:

1. When the remote controller is turned off, press the Power Button once. The Battery Level LEDs will display the current battery level. Charge the battery if the battery level is low.

2. Press the Power Button once. Then press again and hold the Power Button to turn on the remote controller.

3. The remote controller will beep when it is turned on. The Status LED will rapidly blink green, indicating that the remote controller is linking to the aircraft. The Status LEDs will glow solid green when linking is complete.

4. Repeat Step 2 to turn off the remote controller.


Charging the Remote Controller

Charge the remote controller using the included charger. Refer to the figure below for more details.


Controlling the Spraying System

Adjust the flying speed, record Point A and B, start or stop spraying, adjust spray speed, choose the route direction via the Flying Speed Dial, Button A / B, Spray Button, Spray Speed Dial, Button C1 / C2.


[1] Spray Rate Dial

In Manual Operation Mode, turn the dial to adjust the spray rate*. Turn the dial to the left to reduce the spray rate. Turn the dial to the right to increase the spray rate. The Spraying Status Panel will indicate the current spray rate. Refer to Spraying Status Panel (p. 24) for details.

  • Spray rate may vary according to the nozzle model and viscosity of liquid. For water, when using

four XR11001 nozzles, the minimum rate is 1.2 L/min and the max imum rate is 1.7 L/min.

[2] Spray Button

In Manual Operation Mode, press the button to start or stop spraying.

[3] Button A

Press the button to record Point A of the Smart Operation route.

[4] Button B

Press the button to record Point B after recording Point A.

[5] Flying Speed Dial

In Smart Operation Mode, turn and press the dial to adjust the flying speed. You can set four speed gears in the MG-1 Assistant. The four speed gears are set to 1, 3, 5, 7 m/s by default, and the initial flying speed is the speed of the first gear. Move the dial to the left and press the dial to change to the previous speed. Move the dial to the right and press the dial to change to the next speed. The Spraying Status Panel will indicate the current speed gear.

Important.png:The final movement of the dial before you press the dial will be used to set the flying speed.

[6] Back Left Button C2

Press to choose operation route R for Smart Operation Mode. In Manual Plus Operation Mode, press to fly the aircraft right for one operation gap

[7] Back Right Button C1

Press to choose operation route L for Smart Operation Mode. In Manual Plus Operation Mode, press to fly the aircraft left for one operation gap.

In Smart Operation Mode, when the aircraft is hovering at the turning point, press Button C1 and C2 together and then the aircraft will fly to the next turning point and hover. Press and hold Button C1 and C2 together for 2 to 4 seconds until there is a beep emitted from the remote controller, and the aircraft will enter or quit Continuous Smart Operation Mode. Refer to Smart Operation Mode (p. 26) for more details.

Controlling the Aircraft

The remote controller is set to Mode 2 by default.


The description above is only for the P-mode and A-mode.

Flight Modes


P-mode (Positioning): The aircraft uses GPS for positioning. In P-mode, when the GPS signal is strong, users can start the motors.

A-mode (Attitude): GPS is NOT used for positioning and aircraft can only maintain altitude using the barometer. Aircraft can still record its position and return to the Home Point if a GPS signal is present.

M-mode (Manual): GPS and attitude stabilization are disabled and you have total control of the aircraft by yourself. For safety reasons, M-mode is disabled on the remote controller by default. You can change the flight mode switch “M” value from “Attitude” to “Manual” mode in the PC Assistant, but this is only recommended for experienced users.

Operation Mode Switch

Toggle the Operation Mode Switch on the remote controller to one of the three modes.


1. Smart Operation Mode: When the aircraft is in P-mode and the GPS signal is strong, toggle the switch to this mode after Points A and B are recorded. The aircraft will fly and spray liquid along the specified route.

2. Manual Operation Mode: In Manual Operation Mode, users can control all the movements of the aircraft and spray liquid via the Spray Button.

3. Manual Plus Operation Mode: In Manual Plus Operation Mode, the flying speed is restricted and the aircraft’s heading is locked. Users can control the movement of the aircraft except for the heading. Press Button C1 or C2 and the aircraft will fly one operation width to the left or right.

RTH Button

Press and hold the RTH Button to bring the aircraft back to the last recorded Home Point. The LED around the RTH Button will blink white during the RTH procedure. Users can control the aircraft during the procedure. Regain control manually to cancel the RTH procedure. Refer to How to Regain Control (p. 33) for details.


Optimal Transmission Range


The signal transmission between the aircraft and the remote controller performs best when the aircraft is within the optimal transmission range. Open up the antennas on the remote controller to optimize transmission range. Ideally, the flat surface of the antenna should be facing the aircraft. If the signal is weak, fly the aircraft closer to you.

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