Matrice 100-Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC)

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IOC allows users to lock the orientation of aircraft in different fashions. It has three working modes you can choose in the DJI Pilot app. IOC only works in F-Mode, and users must toggle the flight mode switch to F-Mode to activate IOC. The three work modes are:

CL Lock the current nose direction as the aircraft’s forward direction. The aircraft will move in the locked directions regardless of its orientation (yaw angle). Tap Reset IOC to reset the Course Lock.
HL* Record a Home Point, and push the Pitch stick up/down to control the distance of the aircraft from the Home Point.
POI* Record a point of interest (POI). The aircraft’s nose always points towards the POI.


  • The Home Lock (HL) and Point of Interest (POI) features are coming soon.

Prerequisites of IOC

Use IOC under the following conditions: IOC

IOC Modes GPS Enabled GPS Signal Strength Flight Distance Limits
Course Lock No None None
Home Lock Yes P3SAC5.png The distance between Aircraft and Home Point≥10m
POI Yes P3SAC5.png The distance between Aircraft and POI 5m-500m

Enabling IOC

Go to the DJI Pilot app > Camera View >Matrice2t.png > Advanced Settings > Toggle IOC. On the remote controller, toggle the Flight Mode Switch to F-Mode to use IOC.


F-Mode supports IOC, API Control and other functions, with IOC having the highest priority. Disable IOC first to use other functions.

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