Matrice 600-Flight Warning

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1. The aircraft is not waterproof. DO NOT fly in rainy or snowy weather.

2. Ensure that all parts are in good condition before each flight. DO NOT fly with worn or damaged parts.

3. Ensure that the propellers and motors are installed correctly and propellers and frame arms are unfolded before each flight.

4. Ensure that all cables are connected correctly and firmly before each flight.

5. Maintain a safe distance from people, buildings, high voltage power lines, tall trees, water, and other hazards when flying the aircraft.

6. Only use DJI TB47S/TB48S Intelligent Flight Batteries as the power supply.

7. DO NOT overload the system.

8. DO NOT go near or touch the motors or propellers when they are spinning, as this can cause serious injury.

9. Disconnect the batteries and remove the camera during transportation to avoid damage or injury.

10. Only use compatible DJI parts.

If you encounter any problems or if you have any questions, please contact your local DJI authorized dealer or DJI Support.

DJI Support Website: Warn@.jpg

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