Matrice 600- Mounting the Retractable Modules

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Warn.jpg ·DO NOT mix up the mounting positions for the left and right retractable modules. Identify the left module by locating the control board and power cable integrated on the left module.

·Operate with care to avoid injury from the connecting arm.


1. Mount the retractable module bracket to the mounting position on the lower plate of the center frame as shown below. Apply medium strength threadlocker to two M3×8.5 screws. Insert and tighten the screws.


2. With the servo of the retractable module at the rear of the aircraft, insert the retractable module mounting rod into one mounting hole on the center frame, mounting holes on the retractable module and the other mounting hole on the center frame respectively. Ensure that the left retractable module is mounted on the left side of the aircraft (when viewed from the rear).


3. Align the cable fixing ring and the screw hole on the bottom of the retractable module. Insert and tighten the M3×5.5 screw.

4. Align the screw holes of the connector on the center frame and the screw holes on the middle of the retractable module. Insert and tighten the two M3×6.5 screws.


5. Insert and tighten the four M3×6.5 screws to secure the retractable module on the mounting rod.


6. Connecting the servo cables.

a. Connect the left servo cable to the “L” port on the control board.

b. Connect the right servo cable to the “R” port on the control board.

c. Connect the servo cable at the bottom of the center frame to the “IN” port on the control board.


Warn.jpg ·DO NOT mix the cabling between the left and right servos, otherwise the landing gear cannot function properly.

·Arrange the wiring neatly to prevent the frame edges from cutting the cables.

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