Matrice 600- Remote Controller Overview

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[1] Antennas

Relays aircraft control and video signal.

[2] Mobile Device Holder

Mounting place for your mobile device.

[3] Control Stick

Controls aircraft orientation.

[4] Return-to-Home (RTH) Button

Press and hold the button to initiate Return-to-Home (RTH).


[5] Landing Gear Control Switch

Toggle the switch up or down to raise or lower the landing gear.

[6] Battery Level LEDs

Displays the current battery level.

[7] Status LED

Displays the power status.


[8] Power Button

Used to power on or power off the remote controller.

[9] RTH Status LED

Circular LED around the RTH button displays RTH status.

[10] Camera Settings Dial

Turn the dial to adjust camera settings. Only functions when the remote controller is connected to a mobile device running the DJI GO app.

[11] Playback Button

Playback the captured images or videos.

[12] Shutter Button

Press to take a photo. If in burst mode, theset number of photos will be taken with one press.

[13] Flight Mode Switch

Used to switch between P, A and F mode.

[14] Video Recording Button

Press to start recording video. Press again to stop recording.

[15] Gimbal Dial

Use this dial to control the tilt or pan of the gimbal.

[16] Micro USB Port


[17] SDI Port

Connect an SDI display device.

[18] HDMI OUT Port

Connect an HD compatible monitor.

[19] USB Port

Connect to mobile device to access all of the DJI GO app controls and features.


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