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  1. TOOL
  • Firmware upgrade: update your firmware from server, keep your autopilot system up-to-date.
  • Disable All Knob
  • Check for Updates: Check out the latest versions of assistant software and firmware. If necessary, you can follow the links displayed to find the download page.
  1. ABOUT
  • Info: Information regarding your product.
  • Error Code
  1. Chinese:Chinese interface.
  2. English:English interface.
  3. EXPORT: Export configure data.
  4. IMPORT: Import vertion compatible configure data.
  5. WRITE: Write data of the current page to your MC. The parameter or the title of which will turn red and bold when modified, make sure you click the Write button or press Enter to update your system. Optional parameters will be written to MC directly after modification.
  6. READ: read parameters from MC for current page.
  7. Graphic guidance
  8. Text guidance
  9. CONTROL MODE: Control mode indication.
  10. MC Output OnIndicates there are outputs to ESCs; when communication is built up between MC and assistant software via USB cable, MC Output Off appears, it indicates no output to motors, then you can configure your multi-rotor with assistant software more safely!
  11. Red light: MCPC has been disconnected.

Green light: MCPC has been connected.

Blue light: MCPC communication.

  1. Here you can find all the configuration contents in Configuration chapter
  2. Configuration step.
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