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Software and Driver Installation

  • STEP1: Please download assistant software and driver from our website. Then decompress.
  • STEP2: Connect MC and PC via USB cable, power on MC.
  • STEP3: If operating system tries to install driver automatically, cancel it.
  • STEP4: Open folder DJI_USB_Driver, follow the Driver Installation Manual strictly to finish installation.

Naza-M GUI



  • Firmware upgrade: update your firmware from server, keep your autopilot system up-to-date.
  • Disable All Knob
  • Check for Updates: Check out the latest versions of assistant software and firmware. If necessary, you can follow the links displayed to find the download page.


  • Info: Information regarding your product.
  • Error Code

Chinese:Chinese interface.

English:English interface.

EXPORT:Export configure data.

IMPORT: Import vertion compatible configure data.

WRITE: Write data of the current page to your MC. The parameter or the title of which will turn red and bold when modified, make sure you click the Write button or press Enter to update your system. Optional parameters will be written to MC directly after modification.

READ: read parameters from MC for current page.

Graphic guidance

Text guidance

Control mode indication

MC Output On Indicates there are outputs to ESCs; when communication is built up between MC and assistant software via USB cable, MC Output Off appears, it indicates no output to motors, then you can configure your multi-rotor with assistant software more safely!

Red light:MC<->PC has been disconnected.

Green light:MC<->PC has been connected.

Blue light:MC<->PC communication.

Here you can find all the configuration contents in Configuration chapter

Configuration step.


  • Please power the MC first, then connect your MC to a internet enabled computer by the USB cable before you open the assistant software.
  • You have to register at the first time you use the assistant software.
  • It will auto detect software version when you open the assistant software and prompt Check for Updates window if your version is not the latest one.
  • Do not disconnect MC and PC when you are using the assistant software..

Naza-M Firmware Upgrade

Please strictly follow the procedure for firmware upgrade, otherwise autopilot might not work properly:

  • STEP1: Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet.
  • STEP2: Please close all the other applications during the firmware upgrade, including anti-virus software and firewall.
  • STEP3: Make sure the power supply is securely connected. DO NOT un-plug the power supply until firmware upgrade has finished.
  • STEP4: Connect MC to PC with micro-USB cable, DO NOT break connection until firmware upgrade is finished.
  • STEP5: Run Software and wait for connection.
  • STEP6: Select TOOL -> Firmware Upgrade.
  • STEP7: Server will check your current firmware version, and get the latest firmware prepared for the unit.
  • STEP8: If there is a firmware version more up-to-date than your current version, you will be able to click the Upgrade button.
  • STEP9: Wait until Assistant software reads finished.
  • STEP10: Click OK and power cycle the unit after at least 5 seconds.
  • Your unit is up-to-date now.


  • After firmware upgrade, please re-configure by Assistant software.
  • If it is notified that the network or server is busy, please try again later with above procedures.
  • If firmware upgrade failed, MC will enter waiting for firmware upgrade status automatically, please try again with the above procedures.

Naza-M Product Info & Upgrade

You can check the MC product version via ABOUT -> Info:

OSoftware OFirmware OLoader OHardware ID

S/N is a 32 digits authorization code for unit function activations. We had already filled in the authorization code for your unit after manufacture. You might be asking to fill in the new S/N in the future if you brought new function upgrades. Fill-in the S/N and then click Write button. If you filled in an invalid S/N over 30 times, your MC will be locked and you have to contact our customer support.

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