Naza-M Camera Gimbal Control

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Gimbal Switch

If you use gimbal, please choose On here, and select an Output Frequency(50Hz/100Hz/200Hz/400Hz). The chosen output frequency is recommended no more than the maximumservo supported frequency.

Notices:If you open the gimbal control in assistant software during the configuration, please note that there are outputs from F1 and F2 ports. Now you should not connect these ports to ESCs which is wired with propellers and motors.

Tips:NAZA supports servo center 1520us.

Servo Travel Limit

Range: -1000 to+1000

MAX/MIN are servo travel limits; adjust them to avoid mechanical binding; Place your multi-rotor on level ground, adjust Center value of Pitch and Roll direction to make the camera mounting frame to your desired angle-to-ground.

Automatic Control Gain

Range: 0 to 100

Adjust the reaction angle of automatic control. The initial value 100 is full angle. The bigger the gain, the bigger the reaction angle. Click REV/NORM, and then you can reverse the feedback control directions.

Manual Control Speed

Range: 0 to 100

You should assign one of the knobs on your transmitter to X1 channel for controlling the Pitch direction (angle) of camera gimbal during flight first. Then adjust the reaction speed of pitch direction manual control; the initial value 100 is full speed.


  • If parameter adjustment was enabled on channel X1, the gimbal manual control via channel X1 will still be on as well.
  • Do not use X1 to control gimbal pitch and remote adjust parameters at the same time.
  • Please reset the Basic Parameters in Autopilot section if there is flight jitterafter gimbal mounted.
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