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Naza-M MC Mounting

The Main Controller (MC) is the brain of the system, it communicates with ESC and RC transmitter to carry out autopilot functionality. It has a built-in Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) consists of one 3-axis accelerometer, one 3-axis gyroscope and a barometer for sensing the attitude and altitude.

Make sure the MC ESC ports are pointing to the aircraft nose direction, otherwise serious damage will occur to your aircraft. When mounting your MC, try your best to mount the MC at the center of the frame, and do not mount the MC upside-down. Make sure MC is parallel to the frame plate, this will prevent the aircraft from drifting along the horizontal axis..

Please use the 3M double stick tape provided to mount MC, and mount MC parallel to the to the frame plate.

The output ports, ESC Ports, of MC (the right side in figure) should point to the front of multi-rotor. Please check that the MC is mounted at the center of gravity of the multi-rotor. Make sure all ports are accessible when installing the MC so as to facilitate wiring and software configuration.


In three-pin ports, pins near the tabs are signal pins.

After choosing a location to mount the MC, it is recommended that you DO NOT mount the MC until all wiring and software configurations are completed.

Naza-M GPS & Compass Mounting

The GPS/Compass module is for sensing the position and direction.

GPS & Compass is sensitive to magnetic interference and should be mounted as far away from electronic interference as possible.

You should use epoxy resin or CA to assemble the GPS bracket as the figure shown on the previous page.

Mount the bracket on the center plate of craft first, then fix the GPS on the plate with the supplied double stick tape. Position the bracket at least 10 cm from any motor.

The DJI logo marked on the GPS should face the sky, with the orientation arrow pointing directly forward. The GPS & Compass is packaged with a special indication line for mounting for the first time.

If you are uncertain whether materials near the GPS & Compass module are magnetic or not, you can use a compass or magnet to check it. If you use your own mounting rod, make sure it is NOT magnetic!

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