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Naza-m-motor mixer.png

Mixer Type

Set your transmitter into ACROBATIC mode.Then select the right mixer type according to your multi-rotor.


  • We support nine types of multi-rotors. Please refer to “Multi-Rotors Supperted” in “Appendix”:


  • Do NOT follow instruction from a third party multi-rotor manufacturer! Make sure the rotation direction of each motor is the same as the way assistant software figure shows. If not, switch any of two wire connetcions of the incorrect motor to change its rotation direction.
  • Make sure the type of propeller matches the rotation direction of motor.

Motor Idle Speed

Motor Idle Speed is the lowest speed after motor start. Set Motor Idle Speed will affect motor lowest speed after motor start. There are five levels from LOW speed to HIGH speed, and the default is RECOMMEND. You can click and drag cursor to the corresponding level, to change Motor Idle Speed.

Wkm-Motor Mixer1.png

  • Set Motor Idle Speed as LOW,the motoridle speed will be lowest.
  • Set Motor Idle Speed as HIGH,the motoridle speed will be highest.
  • RECOMMEND is the advised level.
  • You can reset the Motor Idle Speed according to the real situation.


  • For user whose aircraft takes off at lowest throttles position, please set the idle speed at a low level.
  • For common users, please set Motor Idle Speed to RECOMMEND or above,since setting idle speed too low may affect motor(s) spool up.


The output pulse width for every grade of Motor Idle Speed is as followed

There is relationship between the output pulse width and the max/min pulse width when TX End Point is 100%.

output pulse width=(max pulse-min pulse)x proportion +min pulse

Wkm-Motor Mixer2.png

You can get the proportion value by computing according to the above formula for a special TX. Use Futaba TX for example. Notice that Futaba TX End Point is 100%.

Wkm-Motor Mixer3.png

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