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Naza-m-gps-imu mounting.png

Install all payloads that will be used during the flight, including batteries, camera mount and camera. Balance the multi-rotor as you would normally, with the center of gravity (C.G.) directly on the center plate. Fill in the distance between body center of GPS and the C.G. of multi-rotor in X, Y & Z axles as showed in the figure. Make sure the MC ESC ports is pointing to the aircraft nose direction, otherwise serious damage will occur to your aircraft.

When MC mounted, try your best to mount the MC at the center of the frame, and do not mount the MC upside-down. Make sure MC is parallel to theaircraft horizon.


  • 1 Users with GPS module please mount GPS location.
  • 2 Please follow the requirements to mountyour NazaMC, so as to prevent the aircraft from abnormal, such as drifting in horizontal direction, or even rollover.
  • 3 You must re-configure if the ALL-UP-WEIGHT had been changed on your multi-rotor,
  • 4 If GPS mounting locations are not accurate enough or the signs are wrong, error on X, Y,Z axles will leads the oscillation of your multi-rotor.
  • 5 Make sure to follow the diagram in our assistant software: red is positive, green is negative; unit of measure is CM, NOT INCH.
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