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Software Installing Problems

Abnormal cases in Motor Test

Below are abnormal cases and solutions for Motor Test in the Assistant software

  • Tested motor does not rotate, there are two situations:
  1. Connection issues: please check the connections first, such as whether MC and motors are power on, whether connection between MC and ESC is well, whether three cables of ESC are correctly connected to motor. If connections are well, then check whether motors or ESC are breakdown.
  2. Please increase the Motor Idle Speed in the Advanced page of Assistant software.
  • Tested motor rotates in wrong direction: please swap over any two wire connections of the motor.
  • Rotating motor is not the tested motor (e.g. M2 motor rotates when click button”M1”): please ensure the cable of ESC is correct connected to the right port of MC.

After register finished through assistant software, why I still can’t log in?

Please log in your email box, and click the link to activate the register firstly, then you can enter the software with the email and password to log in.

What can I do when software and main controller can’t be connected?

The assistant driver has not been installed successfully. With MC powered firstly, USB cable connected, then install the driver.

How to deal with the configuration error?

Please calibrate your transmitter sticks and then restart MC.

No reaction from motors when do arming, what happened?

Please refer detailed instructions in the manual. Start software to check if the control stick on your transmitter can reach the full range, directions are correct or not. Please unplug USB when you do the testing.

Flight Parameters recommended for Flame Wheel F550?

Default parameters are 100% normally, but it can be adjusted according to actual flight conditions and different control feeling.

How to set up 3-switch for flight control mode?

Connect switch channel to U channel of MC, use Trim menu to adjust 2nd switch to Atti. Mode, use End Point to adjust 1st and 3rd switch for Manual mode and GPS mode.

How to set up Fail-Safe?

Make sure all channels of your transmitter include Fail-Safe, adjust any one of the 3 switch control modes to Fail Safe mode, then record the position value in Fail Safe of your Tx. After that, switch to other control mode and turn off the transmitter, assistant software show it jumps into Fail Safe mode and meantime LED shows blue ligh, setup is done.

Does the software support Vista OS?

Yes, it does.

Low-Voltage Warning is available in manual mode or not?

Yes,Low-Voltage Warning is available in manual mode.

Arming makes motors tune too fast or too slow, what can I do?

Please change Motor Idle Speed through assistant software.

Please explain why computer doesn’t recognize USB device?

Make sure driver has been installed successfully, PMU should be connected to LED port of MC, not Ext port.

The height can’t be locked, why?

Adjust vertical gain, use default throttle curve and 50% throttle for hovering.

NAZA-M Assistant Software Error Code List


  • Configuration error, this may be caused by firmware upgrade from the old version, or abnormal Tx calibration. Re-calibrate your transmitter, power cycle your controller, and check all of the parameters.


  • Voltage low


  • Your S/N is not available, Please contact your dealer (Place of purchase)


  • Voltage low


  • IMU ERROR,Please contact dealer or DJI for repair.


  • You’ve chose parameters tuning by X1/X2 channel with Tx Knob, but no signal detected on X1/X2 input channel, or Tx didn’t powered on.


  • You’ve chose parameters tuning by X1/X2 channel with Tx Knob, but no signal detected on X1/X2 input channel, or Tx didn’t powered on.


  • Please check the connection among battery, MC and PMU.


  • Please make sure you are on the RC page of the NAZA Assistant Software, select the right receiver type or check the receiver connection, after that power cycle your controller to take effect.


  • Compass data is abnormal, please restart your Controller, if you still get this error, please contact your dealer (Place of purchase)

ERROR [25]

  • IMU initialization failure, may be caused by crash. Please contact dealer (Place of purchase)

ERROR [26]

  • Please perform Advanced Calibration.

ERROR [27]

  • GPS not calibrated, or magnetic field interference. Please calibrate GPS again in good condition. Please contact your dealer for all technical support questions.

Why my Windows 7 OS cannot install the assistant software driver successfully?

  • 1. Some of the users who use WINDOWS 7 operating system may not have the usbser.sys file, please download this file and put it into C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers, and then reinstall the driver.
  • 2. Download the usbser.sys file.
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