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The gimbal anticipates handle movement to smooth out pan and tilt transitions, and uses SmoothTrack technology to reduce camera shakes from natural arm movements. Additionally, there are buttons on the front and back of the handle that allow for finer control over the gimbal and camera. All of the buttons and controls are described below. Locking the Gimbal Pull the pan axis lock down and rotate the pan axis to the locked position (until it cannot rotate any further), and then adjust the roll motor and tilt motor in order to lock them in place. You can lock and unlock the gimbal while the Osmo is turned on. Quickly tap the trigger twice to reactivate the motors after they are unlocked. Hold the Osmo steady and upright while it is starting up.

[1] Power Switch

To turn on the Osmo, pull the power switch down and then release it. Pulling the power switch again will cause the Osmo to go in or out of sleep mode. To turn off the Osmo, pull the power switch down and hold for 1.5 seconds.


Note:Hold the Osmo steady and upright while it is starting up.

[2] Joystick

Vertical movement tilts the camera. Horizontal movement pans the camera.

[3] Shutter Button

Press this button to take photos based on your settings in the DJI GO app.

[4] Record Button

Press this button once to start recording video, and again to stop recording.

Record button.png

[5] Camera Status Indicator

Indicates the camera’s system status. Refer to the table below for details.

Camera Status Indicator.png

Blinking Pattern Description
Zhishidengmie.png LED Off Camera is functioning normally.
G.png····· Blinks Green Shooting photo.
G.png····· ·· Blinks Green slowly Self-timer.
G.png ··· ···Blinks Green for each shot Burst shooting.
G.png---- Solid Green Firmware upgrade successful
R.png·····Blinks Red slowly Recording video.
R.png/G.png ····· Blinks Red and Green alternately Upgrading firmware
R.png ------Solid Red Camera is not mounted on the Osmo properly /Firmware upgrade failed or system error
R.pngx2 · ····Blinks Red twice Camera error.
Y.png·····Blinks Yellow Micro SD card busy.
Y.png----- Solid Yellow Micro SD card error.

[6] System Status Indicator

Indicates the status of the Osmo. Refer to the table below for details.

Camera Status Indicator.png

System Status Indicator Description
G.png····· Blinks Green The Osmo is initializing / Exiting sleep mode.
R.png·····Blinks Red slowly Low battery level warning.
R.png `````` Blinks Red quickly Critical low battery level warning.
Y.png----- Solid Yellow The trigger is tapped and the gimbal is in lock mode.
R.png ------Solid Red Non-DJI battery detected.
G.png Breathing Green (high battery level) The Osmo is in sleep mode.
R.png Breathing Red (low battery level) The Osmo is in sleep mode.

[7] Trigger

Hold down the Trigger to enable Lock Mode. The camera will stay in its current position regardless of handle movement. The Osmo will return to SmoothTrack Mode once the Trigger is released. Quickly tap the Trigger twice to center the camera. When the Osmo is in Upright Mode and Underslung Mode, quickly tapping the Trigger three times will enter Selfie Mode.

[8] External Microphone Input

Connect a 3.5 mm external microphone to record high quality audio.

[9] Built-in Microphone

Records audio for general use. You can turn off the microphone in the DJI GO app.

Built-in Microphone.png


The external microphone will override audio reception of the built-in microphone.

It is normal for the built-in microphone to pick up some noise from the gimbal motors.

[10] Restore Default Wi-Fi Settings

Hold down the Trigger and Shutter Button at the same time. Then, pull the power switch down until the System Status Indicator blinks green. Release the power button before releasing the Trigger. The default SSID, password and frequency for the Wi-Fi connection will be restored.

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