Phantom-Battery Charging-LiPo Battery

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Phantom-Battery Charging-LiPo Battery

1. Insert the AC power cord into the charger and AC cord into a wall socket (100-240V). The charge status LED will flash green.

2. Select the battery type LiPo and the charging current 2A.

3. Connect the battery main charge lead to battery socket and the battery balance wire to the 3S balance socket.

4. Start charging. The charge status LED and the 1S/2S/3S cell LED will glow constant red.

5. When the charge status LED glows constant red, it is charging in CC (Constant Current) mode and LED glows green & red blink is in CV (Constant Voltage) mode.

6. When the cell LED is flashing, it is discharging for balancing.

7. When the battery is fully charged, the charge status LED will glow constant green. Unplug the battery from the charger.


  • Make sure to use the battery after fully charging.
  • When the charger is in CV mode (with green and red LED blinking), the battery is over 80% charged.
  • Please use the battery according to the attached sticker.
  • Use the Protection Clip to keep the leads of the battery socket untouched, in order to avoid short circuit.
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