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PHANTOM Prop Guard Assembly Instruction

Please carry out the following procedures to attach the Prop Guard to the aircraft.

1. Prepare the aircraft, Prop Guard (4 pcs), M3.0x12 Screws (8 pcs), a thread and an allen driver.

2. Use the screw driver to remover the screws on the four motors (M3.0x8) of PHANTOM marked in blue in Fig.1.

3. Fix the Screws of M3.0x12 with appropriate strength(Fig.1)to mount the four Prop Guards on the PHANTOM . Note that thread lock is not allowed.

4. For better protection, please attach a thread through the Prop Guard, note that the thread should be under the Prop Guards(Fig.2). Finish.

Phantom-prop guard.png

Fig.1 Prop Guard Installation Diagram

Phantom-prop guard1.png

Fig.2 Installation is OK


  • Weight(Single):18.7g
  • Size(Single):Angle(155.0°);Radius(112.32mm)
  • Whole Size with Four Prop Guards:575.5mm
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