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Using the PHANTOM 2 Assistant Software on a PC

4 Steps for Using the PHANTOM 2 Assistant Software on a PC:

  • 1. Start up the PC, power on the PHANTOM 2, then Connect the PHANTOM 2 to the PC with a Micro-USB cable. DO NOT disconnect until configuration is finished.
  • 2. Run the PHANTOM 2 Assistant Software and wait for the PHANTOM 2 to connect to the Assistant Software. Observe the indicators on the bottom left of the screen. When connected successfully, the connection indicator is and communication indicator is blinking .
  • 3. Choose [Basic] or [Advanced] configuration pages.
  • 4. View and check the current configuration in the [View] page.

Using the Phantom 2 Assistant Software on PC.jpg


  • (1)Users should not enable the Naza-M function before finishing Advanced Flight Maneuvers procedure in the " PHANTOM Pilot Training Guide”. If the Naza-M mode is enabled, users can switch the control mode between ATTI. Mode, GPS Mode or Manual Mode, and access the advanced settings (e.g. IOC). In addition, the LED located on the rear frame arms will display Naza-M flight status indications instead of the PHANTOM 2's indicators. Do not enable the Naza-M mode unless you are an experienced user or guided by a professional.
  • (2)You can change to the Phantom 2 mode by clicking the same button used to turn on the Naza-M mode. This operation will disable the Naza-M mode and enable Phantom 2 mode. All parameters will be returned to factory settings.
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