Phantom 2 Vision+ Connecting the Camera

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Connecting the Camera

Before flight, always connect your smartphone to the Phantom’s Wi-Fi network. This is required for the camera control and FPV.

Connecting Procedures

  • 1.Power on the Remote Controller and the Range Extender.
  • 2.Power on the Phantom 2 Vision+.
  • 3.(Figure46) Enable the Wi-Fi on your mobile device; wait for about 30 seconds, and then select “Phantom_XXXXXX” from theWi-Fi network list.
  • 4.(Figure47) Run the DJI VISION App on your mobile device. When the Wi-Fi connection indicator on the App main menu goes green, the connection is good.
  • 5.Tap the “CAMERA” icon and the DJI VISION App will begin a live camera preview (Figure48). This means everything is functioning normally.

Vision+ Connecting the Camera.jpg

Wi-Fi Connection Indicator Description

Vision+ Connecting the Camera 2nd.jpg


  • (1)The SSID is unique for each Phantom 2 Vision+ It will appear as Phantom_XXXXXX in your Wi-Fi list.
  • (2)Android users can tap the SSID button on the main page to mobile device Wi-Fi settings directly.
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