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The DJI VISION App controls the PHANTOM 2 VISION camera including capture and recording, settings, pitch angle adjustments, and displays essential status including flight parameters and battery life.


DJI VISION App Main Menu

After login you will come to the main page. This shows the current Wi-Fi connection and four app function icons.

P2v-App Main Menu.png


1.Connect your mobile device to the PHANTOM 2 VISION Wi-Fi network to use the camera and onboard album.

2.Connect your mobile device to the internet (mobile or Wi-Fi) to share photos,videos and read DJI news.

3.If you receive a phone call during flight, the live camera preview screen may be interrupted. It's recommended to ignore the call and pay full attention to your flight.

Camera Page

Basic Use

P2v-Basic Use.png

[1] Return

P2v-return.png - Return to the preview page

[2] Camera Tilt Control

P2v-tilt.png - Tilt Control Mode. Tap and hold to enter the Accelerometer Sensor Mode.Release to return to normal mode.

P2v-tilt.png Normal Mode

Tap up arrow (P2v-tilt up.png) to pitch camera upwards and down arrow (P2v-tilt down.png) to pitch downwards. Green slider indicates current camera pitch.

P2v-tilt mode.png

P2v-tilt on.png Accelerometer Sensor Mode

Tap and Hold to switch on Accelerometer Sensor Mode to control camera pitch and rotation by moving your mobile device.

Tilt device forward to pitch camera downward and backward to pitch upward. Lean it left to rotate left (P2v-turn.png) and right to rotate right (P2v-turn.png).

P2v-tilt motion.png


In Accelerometer Sensor Mode, the pitch angle indicator will show a grey area. When the green pitch indicator is inside the grey area,the camera will move according to pitch gestures. When the indicator is outside of the grey area, pitch gestureswill control the camera’s pitch speed.The bigger the gesture of the mobile device, the faster the camera will move.

[3] Flight Attitude and Radar Function

Flight attitude is indicated by the flight attitude icon.

(1) The red arrow shows which direction the PHANTOM 2 VISION is facing.

(2) Blue and brown areas indicate its pitch.

(3) Tilting of the brown and blue area shows roll angle.

P2v-Radar Function.png

Tap the flight attitude icon to turn on the radar function. Home is located in the center of the radar and the red icon indicates thePHANTOM 2 VISION’s current heading, direction, and approximate distance from home. Tap the flight attitude icon again to disable the radar.

P2v-Radar Function1.png


1.By default, the center of the radar indicates the home point that has been recorded by the PHANTOM 2 VISION. Tapthe center of the radar to switch the center to your mobile device's current location.

2.If your mobile device contains a compass, the top portion of the Radar is the direction you are pointing. If not, the radar will be oriented due north.

[4] Flight Parameters

Distance: Horizontal distance from home point.

Altitude: Vertical distance from home point.

Speed: Horizontal flying speed.

Tips: Distance will appear as NA if the PHANTOM 2 VISIONis not Ready to Fly.

[5] Wi-Fi Signal Intensity

Indicates camera is connected to your mobile deviceand Wi-Fi is working normally.

The connection between the camera and mobile device may fail if Wi-Fi signal strength is low. Refer to the <PHANTOM 2 VISION CONNECTION BROKEN>on the camera page.

[6] Aircraft Battery Level

(1) When available power is more than 30%, the battery icon is blue (e.g. P2v-battery percentage.png). This battery level is appropriate for flight.

(2) When below 30%, the battery icon will turn red (e.g. P2v-battery percentage1.png) and the LED flight indicator will slowly blink red. This battery level is low for flight.It is recommended that you fly your PHANTOM 2 VISION home and land it as soon as possible.

(3) After available power drops below 20%(e.g. P2v-battery percentage2.png), there is no longer enough power for flight. The LED flight indicator will begin to flash red rapidly and the PHANTOM 2 VISION will begin an automatic descent and land.

Caution: The available power thresholds mentioned above can be adjusted in the PHANTOM 2 VISION assistant software.

[7] Aircraft GPS Status

Displays GPS status and the number of available satellites. The icon is highlighted when more than 6 satellites are found, enabling Ready to Fly mode.

[8] Micro-SDCard Status

DisplaysMicro-SD Card Status. The icon is highlighted when a valid Micro-SD card is inserted. If there is no Micro-SD card present, it is grayed out.

[9] RemainingShots

Displays estimated shots remaining, based on the current Photo Sizesetting of camera and the storage capacity of the Micro-SD card. This shows ‘0’ if:

(1) Micro-SD card is not inserted.

(2) Micro-SD card is full.

(3) Micro-SD card is damaged.

(4) Connection between the DJI VISION App and camera is broken.

[10] Shutter Button

Tap to take photos.

Single capture: press once for a single capture.

Continuous capture: press once for 3 or 5 captures.

Timed capture: press once to begin a timed capture, press again to stop.


(1)Shutter button is disabled during video recording.

(2)Capture modes can be reconfigured in camera settings; refer to the<Camera Settings>.

[11] Record Button

Start and Stop video recording. Tap once to start recording. Ared dot will blink to indicate recording is in progress and a time elapsed counter will appear in the top right corner of the preview screen. Press again to stoprecording.

P2v-record button.png

[12] Camera Settings

Tap to open thecamera settings menu, refer to <Camera Settings>.

[13] Hide or Show Flight Parameters

Tap to hide the flight parameters. Tap again to show.

Camera Settings


[1] Capture Mode


[2] Photo Size


[3] Video Resolution


[4] Photo Format


[5] Selectable ISO



[6] White Balance


[7] Exposure Metering


[8] Exposure Compensation


[9] Sharpness


[10] Anti-flicker


[11] Restore Default Settings

Restores all camera default settings. Camera reboot is needed to allow restoration to take effect.

[12] Format SD Card

Format the Micro-SD card. All data stored in the Micro-SD card will be lost after formatting. Remember to backup before formatting.

Album Page

Camera SD CARD Album

Browse thumbnails of photos and videos stored on the Micro-SD card. Tap to view photo or watch video.


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