Phantom 2 Vision-Downloading and Installing the DJI Vision App

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Download and Install

P2v-Download and Install.png

Register & Login

Access the Internet to register and login.

P2v-Register and Login.png


Select ‘Register’ to enter the registration page. Fill in your Email and Password information and then check on the right top corner to create a new account.


Select ‘Login’ to enter the login page. Fill in your registered Email and Password and then check on the right top corner to login.

(1)You should login to your account the first time you use the DJI VISION App.

(2)If you do have an account, but forgot the password, selectthe “Forgot password” to retrieve it.

Usage tips

Useful tips will display when you enter the welcome page. Tap the screen to display the next useful tip.

P2v-Register and Login1.png

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