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The PHANTOM 2 VISION range extender is a wireless communication device that operates within the 2.4 GHz frequency band and is used for extending the effective range of communication between a mobile device (Smartphone) and the PHANTOM 2 VISION. In an open unobstructed area, the transmission distance can reach up to 300 meters, but is usually affected by the surrounding environment, such as trees, buildings and other sources of the same frequency. Before every flight, it is suggested that you ensure the range extender functions properly. Otherwise you may experience a communication issue with the mobile device and the PHANTOM 2 VISION.

Each range extender has a unique MAC address and network name (SSID), details of which are printed on the back label as ‘Phantom_1xxxxx’. The ‘xxxxx’ represents the last five letters or numbers of the MAC address for the range extender.


The Range Extender

P2v-The Range Extender.png

Function Description

Wi-Fi Signal Indicator (SYSTEM)

Tells you the system status of the range extender.

P2v-Wi-Fi Signal Indicator.png

Power Indicator (POWER)

Tells you the power status of the range extender.

P2v-Power Indicator.png


  • Make sure to charge the range extender completely before using it for the first time.
  • If the power indicator is a solid red light, the ranger extender may stop working at any moment.Recharge it as soon as possible.
  • It is recommended to charge the range extender completely before each use.
  • Turn off the range extender after every use.
  • Keep the range extender facing the aircraft during flight for the best communication link.


Forattaching the range extender on the right side of the remote controller’scarrying handle.

Reset Button:

Press to link the range extender and the camera.

Power Switch:

ON –Power on.

OFF – Power off.


Used to charge the range extender.

Mounting Bracket

It has been pre-installed on the remote controller’s handle. It is used toattach the range extender.

Powering on the Range Extender

  • Toggle the power switch of range extender to ON position.
  • Wait for approximately30 seconds. The Wi-Fi signal indicatorshould blink green indicatingthe range extender is communicating properly.


It is advised that you power off the range extender after every flight to avoid discharging the battery.

How to Bind the Camera & Range Extender

If the camera and range extender connection is lost, or one of them needs to be repaired or replaced, a camera and range extender binding will need to be performed via the DJI VISION App.

P2v-reset button.png

1.Power on the camera and range extender. Note:(Place the camera power switch to the ’WIFION‘ position).

2.Approximately 30 seconds later, press the resetbutton on the range extender with a thin object until the Wi-Fi signal indicator turns off.The range extenderwill then restart automatically.

3.Approximately30 seconds later, the Wi-Fi signal indicator should start to blink green, which indicates the range extenderis now ready tobe bound.

4.Find and select the Phantom_1xxxxx via the Wi-Fi list on the mobile device to connect the range extender.

5.(Fig.1) Run the DJI VISION App->Settings->General->Binding. (Fig.2)Select’Scan the QR Code’ to scan the camera QR code on the product packaging. (Fig.3) Get the camera SSID (E.g. FC200_0xxxxx) and the MAC address, select the tick on the top right corner. The range extendershould automatically restart. The binding procedure is now complete.

P2v-re connect.png

P2v-re connect1.png


  • If both the camera and range extender are powered on and working normally, you will be able to find the SSID on the Wi-Fi list of the mobile device.
  • DO NOT push the reset button of the range extender unless you are ready to rebind the range extender and the camera! This will unbind your camera and you must follow the steps above to rebind.
  • The QR code is located on the packaging of the PHANTOM 2 VISION. If you cannot find the QR code, please contact DJI customerservice to receive the QR code related to your camera’sserialnumber.
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