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The PHANTOM 2 VISION remote controlis a wireless communication device that uses the 5.8GHz frequency band. It is compliant with CE and FCC (see the FCC ID) regulations and is set to Mode 2 and CE compliance before delivery. If FCC compliance is required, it can be configured by twisting the potentiometer knob on the back of the remote controller. The stick configurationcan also be reset in the PHANTOM RC assistant software. Please referto <PHANTOM RC Assistant> and <Compliance Configuration> for details.


  • CE compliant devices have an effective communication range of 300 meters in open spaces due to power limitations. Be sure to watch your fight distance as the PHANTOM 2 VISIONwill enter Failsafe mode (auto-landing or go home and land) if it fliesbeyond this range.
  • FCC compliant devices have an effective range of 500 meters in open spaces. Be sure to watch your fight distance as the PHANTOM 2 VISIONwill enter Failsafe mode (auto-landing or go home and land) if it fliesbeyond this range.
  • Pay attention to and follow local laws and regulations.


The Remote Controller

P2v-remote controller.png

Power on the Remote Controller

1.Install the four AA Batteries (not included)into the battery compartment on the back of the remote controller according to the negative andpositive poles.

2.Set the S1 and S2 switches to the upper most position and all sticks are at mid-point beforeswitching on the power switch.

3.There is a power on indicator beep. If the remote controller is set to be CE compliant, then there will be one beepwhile the FCCcompliant version will emit 2 beeps. The power indicator blinks greenquicklyindicating the remote controller and receiver is linking. Once fully linked, the power indicator will change to a solid green.

P2v-power on rc.png


  • If the low voltage warning alertsounds(refer to the <Remote Controller Power Indicator Status Information>), please replace batteries as soon as possible.
  • Using the incorrect type of battery may present a risk of damage.
  • Remove the batteries after use and dispose of themsafely.
  • For long term storage, be sure to remove the batteries from the remote controller.

Remote Controller Power Indicator Status Information

P2v-rc led.png

The remote controllerwill blink the LED and sound an alert when the voltage drops below4V and automaticallypower off after 3 seconds. This process will repeat even if you power cycle the remote controller. If this low voltage warning occurs during flight, the remote controllerwill automatically power off causing the aircraft to enterFailsafemode which cannot be interrupted (refer to <Failsafe Function> section for details). It is strongly recommended to replace batteriesif the 4V-4.3V low voltage warning occurs.

Antenna Orientation

Try to keep the antenna pointingskyward, perpendicular to the ground, in order to achievethe maximum communication range during flight.

P2v-Antenna Orientation.png

Remote Controller Operation


The ‘stick neutral’ positions and ‘stick released’ mean the control sticks of the remote controller are placed at the central position.

To ‘move the stick’ means that the stick of remote controller is pushed away from the central position.

P2v-Remote Controller Operation.png

P2v-Remote Controller Operation1.png


  • For ‘Ready to Fly’ the aircraft will hover (hold a stable horizontal position) when all sticks are released.
  • For ‘Ready to Fly (non-GPS)’ the aircraft will keep the aircraft level without horizontal positioning when all sticks are released.

Link between the Remote Controller and Receiver

There is a 5.8G receiver in the PHANTOM 2 VISION, with the link button and indicator locatedon the bottom of the aircraft as illustrated in the following diagram.

The link between the remote controller and aircraft isalready established for you so you can initially skip this procedure. If you ever replace the remote controller, re-establishing the link is required.

P2v-link receiver.png

Link Procedures

1.Power off the remote controller, power on the aircraft. You will see the link indicator blinking red.

2.Press the linkbutton with a thin object and hold until the link indicator blinks yellow.Release the link button.

3.Power on the remote controller and the link indicator should switch off. This indicates that the link has been successfully established.

Link Indicator

P2v-Link Indicator.png

Compliance Version Configuration

The compliance version can be reconfigured by twisting the potentiometer knob (See the following diagram) on the back of the remote controller using a flathead screwdriver. For CE compliance, set the remote controller to CE compliance by carefullyturning the potentiometer knob to the full counter clock-wise position. For FCC compliance, set the remote controller to FCC compliance by carefully turning the potentiometer knob to the full clock-wise position. Users should follow their local regulations accordingly.

P2v-Compliance Version Configuration.png


When adjusting the potentiometer knob to its limit position, be very careful to prevent damaging the potentiometer knob. Do not apply too much force during this adjustment. Also be sure to use the correct sized screwdriver.


The remote controller comes set for CE compliance up delivery as the default setting.

It is recommended to use a flathead screwdriver of Φ2.4mm for adjustment.

You can use the DJI screwdriver with the flathead for adjustment.

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