Phantom 4-Attaching and Detaching the Propellers

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Use only DJI approved propellers with your Phantom 4. The grey and black ring on the propeller indicate where they should be attached and in which direction whey should spin.


Attaching the Propellers

1. Be sure to remove the warning stickers from the motors before attaching the propellers.

2. Mount the propellers with black propeller rings to the motors with black dots. Mount the propellers with sliver propeller rings to the motors without black dots. Press the propeller down onto the mounting plate and rotate in the lock direction until it is secured in its position.



  • Be aware of the sharp edges of the propellers. Handle with care.
  • Use only the DJI approved propellers. Do not intermix the propellers types.
  • Stand clear of the motors and DO NOT touch the propellers when they are spinning.

Detaching the Propellers

Press down the propellers onto the motor mount, rotate the propeller according to the marked direction to unlock the propeller.


  • Check that the propellers and motors are installed correctly and firmly before every flight. Ensure that all propellers are in good condition before each flight. DO NOT use aged, chipped, or broken propellers.
  • To avoid injury, STAND CLEAR of and DO NOT touch propellers or motors when they are spinning.
  • ONLY use original DJI propellers for a better and safer flight experience.
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