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Wkm single waypoint infobox.png
SizeMC: 51mm x 39.6mm x 15.8mm
IMU: 40mm x 31mm x 26mm
GPS & Compass: 50mm (diameter) x 9mm
LED Indicator: 25mm x 25mm x 7mm
Power ConsumptionMAX 5W
(0.9A@5V, 0.7A@5.8V,0.5A@7.4V,0.4A@8V)
Working VoltageDC 4.8 ~ 12V
Operating Temperature-5°C to +60°C
FunctionsHovering Accuracy
Vertical: ± 0.5m, Horizontal: ± 2m
Suitable Wind Condition <8m/s (17.7mph)
Max Tilt Angle 35°
Ascent/Descent ±6m/s
Packing ListMain Controller x 1
IMU x 1
LED x 1
PMU x 1
3-PIN Servo Cable x 10
USB Cable x 1
GPS Bracket x 1

DJI WooKong Multi-rotors(WooKong-M) is a autopilot system that designed for multi-rotor aircraft enthusiasts providing excellent self-leveling and position holding. Whether professional or amateur multi-rotor aircraft, WooKong-M can offer a GPS independent balance and hovering function. From the Quad-rotor to Oct-rotor, WooKong-M are all applicable.

WooKong-M is a complete flight control system for all commercial, industrial and professional multi-rotor platforms. WooKong-M utilizes high quality components precisely calibrated with temperature compensation in all gyros and sensors, industry renowned flight algorithms, and an IMU damping system rated for gas engines. WooKong-M makes flying a multi-rotor aircraft easier than ever; for the first time, inexperienced R/C pilots can learn to fly a multi-rotor in a matter of hours! From the incredibly predictive flight characteristics to the uncanny stability in windy conditions, there are many reasons that WooKong-M is the most popular multi-rotor flight controller in the industry!



MC Features

MC Channels

WooKong-M input channels are Roll-A, Pitch-E, Throttle-T,Rudder-R, Autopilot Channel-U, X1, X2, X3.

The output channels are M1~M6, Gimbal Stabilization F1 and F2


For safety concerns, please pay serious attention to all the following items:

1. Please disconnect ESC and batteryconnector or remove all propellers during firmware upgrade, configuration and system setup!

2. Do not mount the IMU upside-down.

3. You have to reboot MC and redo the Tx calibration after you change RC system.

4. In Tx Calibration of Assistant Software:

Throttle: Slide left is craft down, slide right is craft up;

Rudder: Slide left is nose left, slide right is nose right;

Elevator: Slide left is craft back, slide right is craft front;

Aileron: Slide left is craft left, slide right is craft right.

5. GPS/Compass is sensitive to magnetic interference, should be far away from any electronic devices.

6. Make sure switch on the transmitter first, then power on multi-rotor before takeoff! Power off multi-rotor first, then switch off the transmitter after landing!

7. Do not fly in GPS Mode when the signal is not good (red light blinks)!

8. If you open the gimbal control in assistant software during the configuration, please note that there is output from F1 and F2 ports. Now you should not connect these ports to ESCs which is wired with propellers equipped motors.

9. Do NOT set the failed-safe position of throttle under 10% of endpoint.

10. Throttle stick position should always be higher than 10% from cut-throttle during the flight!

11. Low voltage protections are NOT fun! You should land your multi-rotor ASAP in any level of protection to prevent your multi-rotor from crash or other harmful consequences!

12. By using Immediately mode to stop motors, in any control mode, once motors start and throttle stick is over 10%, motors will stop immediately when throttle stick is back under 10% again. In this case, if you push the throttle stick over 10% in 5 seconds after motors stop, motors will re-start; Combination Stick Command (CSC) is no need. If you don’t push throttle stick after motors start in three seconds, motors will stop automatically.

13. By using Intelligent mode to stop motors, motors will start or stop immediately when you execute CSC. During normal flight, only pull throttle stick under 10% will not stop motors in any control mode. You have to execute CSC to re-start motors if they stop during the flight.  

Wookong Culture

Wookong Quotations -- from 《WooKong Biography 》

1、I want the sky could no longer block my eyes; the earth could no longer bury my heart; the living creatures could understand my desire and all the Buddhas will disappear forever!


2、I have a dream that one day when I fly, the sky will make a way for me; when I am in the sea, the water will be divided and all of the immortal gods will treat me as a brother. Then I will be free from care and there are nothing in the world could stop me, no one could order me and there is no place that I could not go to, nothing that I could not do and no fights that I could not win.


3、I don't know why one will be sad when they lost anything, why they be anxious just because of a short life. And I want to find the magic strength which will make all life beyond limits, make all flowers blossom at the same time. And finally make those could fly freely whenever they want to fly and all the people and their love could live together forever.

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