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Please strictly follow the operation procedure for firmware upgrade, otherwise WKM might not work properly:

STEP1: Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet.

STEP2: Please close all the other applications during the firmware upgrade, including anti-virus software and firewall.

STEP3: Make sure the power supply is securely connected. DO NOT un-plug the power supply until firmware upgrade has finished.

STEP4: Connect MC to PC with Micro-USB cable, DO NOT break connection until firmware upgrade is finished.

STEP5: Run Software and wait for connection.

STEP6: Select TOOL Firmware Upgrade.

STEP7: DJI server will check your current firmware version, and get the latest firmware prepared for the unit.

STEP8: If there is a firmwareversion more up-to-date than your current version, you will be able to click the Upgrade button.

STEP9: Wait until Assistant software reads finished.

STEP10: Click OK and power cycle the unit after at least 5 seconds. Your unit is up-to-date now.


  • After firmware upgrade, please re-configure WKM using Assistant software.
  • If it is notified that the network or DJI server is busy, please try again later with above procedures.
  • If firmware upgrade failed, WKM will enter waiting for firmware upgrade status automatically, please try again with the above procedures.
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